A Residential Transition Plan™ is an indispensable road map custom-designed for you that eliminates the confusion surrounding the immediate return home from the hospital or nursing home setting. Questions such as these will be put to rest:

“My husband is coming home from the hospital in 2 weeks…I thought we had 3 months! 
What am I going to do; he can’t walk or climb stairs!”

“How do I get in and out of my house every day like this?”
“We have to make changes to our home! Where do we start?”

The goals of a Residential Transition Plan™ are to create:
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Safe Homes

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Empowered Caregivers

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Maximal Independence

A Residential Transition Plan™ is designed to ensure that the 3 hallmarks of a reasonable transition back home are met. These 3 paramount issues are:
1. Safe Home
Creating a safe environment.
2. Maximal Independence
Allowing maximal independence in the least restrictive setting possible.
3. Empowering Caregivers
Creating a system that allows for a reproducible method of providing care at the lowest skill set possible.
A Residential Transition Plan™ will objectively address:
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Proper Care

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Assess any immediate or long term changes needed in the home.
Suggest any necessary accessibility products.
Proper Care
Evaluate your perceived notions of providing care.
Prevent you from creating unsafe situations in the home.
Consider the financial implications and strive to work within your budget to account for all of the above.
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We understand that life has been turned upside down during this time and that you are searching for answers. It is our goal to provide the sound counsel that you need right now and help you start the process of getting your life back to normal

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