As a professional design firm specializing in creating conceptual floor plan designs for the medical compromised, Frangeli® Consulting, Inc. is the complete package.
Our expertise, experience and access to the best pricing on critical materials for your project is unrivaled in the industry.
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We have been confidently and efficiently providing successful working solutions to the following very real and difficult issues that our clients have encountered since 2003:
“How am I going to get into my bathroom like this?"
“How do I keep my home from turning into a hospital?”

“How do I get my wife out of bed, when she can’t stand at all?”
“How do I get in/out of my house every day like this?”
My husband is coming home from the hospital in 2 weeks…I thought we had 3 months!  What am I going to do, he can’t walk or climb stairs!?!
Mrs. K. Appleseed
During this season in life, you are mostly likely under time constraints and only have 1 shot to make your home work for you so do like countless other families have done for the past decade and place your trust in Frangeli® Consulting, Inc.  Let us help guide you in designing a home that works for everyone.  Email us at or call 866.618.7685
This house finally accommodates my mother's disability. The nurses are very impressed by her living arrangements, and they say it is one of the best setups they have seen (everyone loves her bathroom).
Katy Kaminsky Huntington, N.Y.

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