Frank Gucciardo M.S., P.T., C.A.P.S., C.G.P.
Residential Access Consultant
Phone: (631) 486-4859
Fax (866) 618-7685

  • 5 year M.S. in Physical Therapy, Ithaca College, Ithaca, N.Y. September 1996
  • Certified Age in Place Specialist via the National Association of Home Builders created under advisement of the AARP, June 2005
  • Certified Green Building Professional via the National Association of Home Builders, May 2008
  • NYS licensed Physical Therapist
  • Nassau & Suffolk County, New York licensed home improvement contractor
2013 – Present Frangeli Consulting and Design

Frank Gucciardo is the CEO of Frangeli Consulting and Design which offers architectural consulting services to medically-compromised clients and their caregivers.

Mr. Gucciardo provides guidance to the medically-compromised client and the caregiver who require accessibility solutions and environmental support in a private residence. He is responsible for all aspects of the creative design phase which serves as the platform to transform the private residence into an accessible property. Mr. Gucciardo’s professional background and experience as a physical therapist enables him to project both the short and long-term accessibility needs of the client and the necessary environmental support of the caregiver.

After assessing the needs of the client and the caregiver, Mr. Gucciardo, in collaboration with affiliated architectural companies, creates a set of conceptual design documents which outlines residential accessibility solutions. These conceptual design documents specify products and materials to be installed as well as define an overall scope of work in order to direct the client’s building professionals in completing the accessible construction project.

Mr. Gucciardo’s clinical experience allows him to assess the appropriateness of various accessibility products and other building materials to be used in the installation process.
2003 – 2012 Frangeli Consulting and Remodeling

Frangeli Consulting and Remodeling functioned as a full service remodeling company. The company specializes in installing accessible construction solutions in private residences exclusively for the medically-compromised client; taking a project from the conception and creative design phase straight through to its completion.

Mr. Gucciardo provided the initial consultation and creative design, then, in collaboration with affiliated architectural companies, he generated working construction documents. Mr. Gucciardo is responsible for calculating the cost of material take-offs and labor rates for all subcontractors in order to formulate estimates to bid projects. He then assumes the role of project manager directly supervising all subcontractors to bring the project to completion.

1997 – 2005 Physical Therapist

Mr. Gucciardo practiced in the acute care, in-patient rehabilitation, and home care settings. He was responsible for evaluating, treating and creating safe discharge plans, including recommendations for home modifications, for patients recovering from orthopedic, neurological, cardiopulmonary, vascular and oncological diagnoses. He served as the supervising therapist on the cardiopulmonary service from 1998 - 2003 at North Shore University Hospital at Manhasset.
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