Frangeli® Consulting & Design

We are a highly-specialized professional design firm that works specifically for the medically-compromised in transitioning back home after a life changing event. We are one of the few companies in the United States that has licensed physical therapists, designers, architects and building professionals all working together on one team.
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Whether you:
Newly Disabled
Are transitioning home from the rehabilitation setting after sustaining a life changing injury
Are a senior attempting to transition out of a nursing home and returning to your own home
Progressive Neurological Disorder
Are someone with a progressive neurological disorder, such as ALS or MS
Child with Mobility Issue
Have a child with a mobility issue

Frangeli® Consulting & Design understands...

We have the intimate understanding of both the medical and building issues surrounding residential accessibility as well as the experience to ensure that your home remains a place where you can live comfortable, safely and independently.
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Frangeli® In the News…

Take a look at what we have been doing for those in need and the impact we have been making in the community. Select the stories (click on pictures) below for more on "Universal Design", "Aging in Place" and transforming your home to be "Elder Friendly".

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Universal Design Video
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Aging in Place Video
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Magazine Article
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Elderly-Friendly News Article