When the injury or diagnosis that you or your loved one is coping with becomes physically limiting, you will quickly find that your home will no longer meet your needs from an accessibility or caregiving standpoint and changes must be made. Many times you will be under time constraints and like most, you will only have one chance to build the right solution to meet your needs because of the costs involved. Setting yourself up for success is vital.
Avoid the biggest pitfall that most families fall into:
The single most expensive mistake families can make is to invite contractors to bid on a project without knowing what should be built in the first place.

“Please do not squander your resources. This is not the time to start experimenting.
This is absolutely the time to get sound counsel”

A Two-Step Process Must Be Followed:
Your very specific home renovation project requires a tried and true method of creating a successful outcome:

Design 1st

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Build 2nd

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Having a set of Frangeli® Design Documents is the cornerstone to successfully completing your accessible construction project. Our Design Documents will:
  • Clearly and objectively spell out what will be done to your home.
  • Specify products that should be used to meet your needs.
  • Act as the control to your project and direct your builder throughout the
Apples to Apples
  • Direct the bidding process, eliminating confusion and putting you in a
    position to control costs by obtaining “apple to apples” estimates.
  • Give you the utmost confidence that your finished project will actually
    meet all of your needs.
Without having a proven working plan in place, you are simply inviting further confusion and chaos into your life. The single most expensive mistake families can make during this time is to invite contractors to give a price on a project without knowing what should be built in the first place. This is a recipe for an expensive disaster.

You simply cannot afford not to have a set of Frangeli ® Design Documents in place to ensure a successful project. Call today to set up an appointment to meet with one of our designers to start the process.
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    Threshold design for easier accessibility.
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    Bathroom re-design based on plans for easy access and mobility.
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    Addition and expansion design with proper elevation.
  • Stacks Image 511
    Completed ground level entry with easy mobility access.
  • Stacks Image 513
    Shower design with tilt and spacial expansion.
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    Shower design completed with proper accessibility.