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Living with a life-altering injury or progressive disease is a journey into the unknown. If you have to go someplace you’ve never been before, the best way to do it is to educate yourself about all your options and then map out the route that’s best for you.
Frangeli® Consulting & Design can do this by providing sound counsel and/or a set of architectural design plans that act as a road map to accessibility in your home.
We accomplish this through a three-step process:
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1. Medical Discovery:
We will work with you to gain a full understanding of your medical condition, functional abilities and any care-giving requirements. Our staff rehabilitation therapists will have an intimate knowledge of your condition which will allow us to assess your present needs and project your future needs as well.
2. Diagnosis of the Problems:
We will consult with you at your home and do a thorough walk through the house identifying and examining the barriers to accessibility and care-giving. With 10 years of experience in designing and then building accessible spaces, we will be able to find creative solutions for your specific special needs.
3. Design:
If your project is related to preliminary issues, such as transitioning home from the hospital or nursing home, then we will write a Residential Transition Plan for you which will outline what should and should not be done to your home.

If your
Residential Transition Plan™ requires construction, then we would create a set of Frangeli® Design Documents that will spell out what will be done to your home and which specific products should be used to meet your needs. This foundational tool will give your builder or remodeler clear direction, placing you in the best position to compare and negotiate costs and set you up for success.
Objectivity is Paramount:
During a stressful time of uncertainty and confusion, it is our responsibility to act on your behalf to ensure that your mobility issues are resolved correctly. By engaging Frangeli® Consulting & Design, we will be bound to you and are charged with protecting you and your interests. This ensures that you will receive competent sound counsel to solve your particular problems.
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Experience is never borrowed... it is earned:
Our unique experience and in-depth knowledge of accessibility-related issues has made us a sought-after lecturer at local universities, major hospital systems and at national conferences on topics related to residential accessibility.

Rest assured that Frangeli® Consulting & Design’s command of the residential accessibility issues is unrivaled in the industry and that you are hiring a top tier company that will confidently and efficiently solve your accessibility issues.

Our experience is not borrowed; it has been earned. You will never find manufacturer provided studio pictures displayed as our own work anywhere on our website which is a statement that few other companies can claim.

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Frangeli® Consulting & Design.

Sample Picture Below: -- Bath Solutions from Frangeli® Designs
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